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*Price based on 10'x'10' kitchen with normal wear and tear.  Additional cost of $45/linear ft.  Call for more information and to schedule in home estimate.  Recommended maintenance for wood cabinetry stain or painted every 3-5 years. **Extreme cases of required repair work may suggest some doors be refinished at workshop.  Additional costs apply.    

So what's it cost?

The average Kitchen Tune Up starts at $395* and can be completed within a single day. Bringing your old cabinets back to life is quick and cost effective.

Would a Tune Up benefit me?

Consider if any or all of these apply to you...

  1. own a kitchen, 3-5+ years old.
  2. noticed a loss of luster
  3. color fading away
  4. a build up on high use areas.
  5. any crooked doors/drawers.
  6. other minor damage.

If you would like to keep your cabinets and your situation matches one above, then reconditioning your cabinetry with a Tune Up may benefit you!

What's the Process?

  • Clean cabinets of build up. (grease, grim, dirt, food, drink, etc)
  • Hand rub cabinets, doors and drawers with a fine steel wool.
  • Custom match stain/paint to blend faded  and worn areas.
  • Adjust misaligned doors and drawers.
  • finish with a hand waxing and buffing to return the original beauty. 

What can be done?

If you still enjoy your kitchen, just wish it was in better shape, it's called a Tune Up.  

Avoid buying new cabinets or doors, save on tear out and re-installation.  It's simple.  We clean, touch up and refinish right on site.**   

Longley Kitchens has been creating custom kitchens and cabinetry for over 60 years. During this time we've found many customer's beautiful cabinets have succumb to the normal wear and tear of everyday life.  

Basic Tune Up