Longley Kitchens, Cabinet Manufacturer, Fort Myers, FL


​​​​​16283 S Tamiami Trail

Fort Myers, FL 33908


We've found that many customers have dealt with contractors in the past who let their insurances/license lapse or even worse, never had them to begin with.  To save our customers some time we would like to share our information to help instill confidence.  Remember, when having any work done confirm your contractor is licensed and insured to ensure you are protected!


Longley Kitchens LLC

16283 S Tamiami Trl SteA

Fort Myers, FL 33908

Commercial General Liability:


Lutgert Insurance - Ft Myers

12660 World Plaza Ln Bldg 73

Fort Myers, FL 33907


Southern-Owners Business First Ins Co "FL"

NAIC # 10190


Each Occurrence

Damage to Rented Premises (each occurrence)$300,000
Med Exp (any one person)$10,000
Personal & Adv Injury
General Aggregate$2,000,000
Products - Comp/OP AGG$2,000,000

Workers Compensation & Employers' Liability:


Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc.

150 Sawgrass Drive

Rochester, NY 14620

Email: certs@paychex.com

Phone: 877.266.6850

Fax: 585.389.7426


NorGUARD Insurance Company

NAIC # 31470

 Per StatuteLimits
E.L Each Accident$100,000
E.L Disease - EA Employee$100,000
E.L Disease - Policy Limit$500,000


State of Florida

Certified Residential Contractor


Legal Information